Not yet shipped – Mac Book Pro, Oh No!

Indecision n. Reluctance or an inability to make up one’s mind

It would be safe to say that my husband and I are frequently struck by INDECISION. Simple decisions become complex equations which require careful thought, discussion and analysis. People tend to underestimate the power of quick decision-making and trust me post marriage it is the power of indecision making that rules an art in which my husband and I truly specialize.

At this juncture i am happy to announce that we took a BIG decision a couple of days back infact April 13th, 2010 to be precise. We finally ordered the Mac Book Pro. Our decision-making was spot on because we ordered the Mac Book Pro on the day Apple launched its new series of Mac Books. So we got the latest edition and we ordered it in the US so we get it at a better rate than all those poor souls who would pick it up in India. It gets even better – we have a friend coming to India from the States on the 17th April so Voila after 365 days of indecision, 1070 arguments, 2200 discussions, 385 sites we surfed – we finally have planned and executed our purchase.

14th April – I am feeling good, i open the apple site. Check my order status and what do i see – NOT YET SHIPPED

14th April,just before midnight – Order status – NOT YET SHIPPED, i am not feeling good

15th April 8:00 pm – Still the same. Solution – I get myself a blog site and unleash my frustration

15th April 10:14 pm – It’s not looking good. I take solace in the fact that the site says

Ships: 1 – 3 business days
Delivers: Apr 15 – Apr 20 Hopefully it will ship before my friend takes the flight back to Delhi but right about now im not too optimistic

15th April 10:15 pm – I have made up my mind – screw these well thought out decisions, I am going to let hubby buy me the iPhone 3G-S next week and not think about it any more. These well orchestrated plans are over rated.

Ashu dear – please oblige, let’s get that i-phone 😉